Wireless Ypsi

If you love the Wireless Ypsi Project as much as we do, you should join us! Here’s how:

Be a Gateway Hero

Businesses and residents order paid internet connections because they need a signal that is very reliable and strong. When you do so, we hope you will contact us to learn how you can help build the Wireless Ypsi mesh network. For a very small financial investment, a gateway device will increase the value of your own connection throughout your home or business, as well as making Wireless Ypsi stronger. Your personal/business network will remain completely secure and there won’t be any drain on your signal. Sound too good to be true? Contact us and we’ll share all the secrets with you so you can be a believer, too!

Or Repeat the Heroism

Perhaps you can sometimes pick up a Wireless Ypsi signal in your home but it’s not very strong or it drops a little too often for your liking. Never fear, you can be a hero, too!, LLC has repeaters available for you to purchase. Use this handy device to boost the signal in your home and enhance the Wireless Ypsi mesh network. Think you can’t afford such dazzling technology? Think again! Contact us to find out just how quickly, easily and affordably you can be cruising the internet, fearlessly!


Do you want to share in all the Wireless Ypsi love but the previous two options aren’t right for you? No problem! You, too can be a Wireless Ypsi hero by making a financial contribution to the network.  Your contribution will be used to help us purchase the radios needed to keep expanding the network. You will join a long list of generous folks who have contributed time, money and effort into building this invaluable community resource.

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